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For more information regarding campaign view our 2022-2023 Campaign Wrap Up.

Everyone’s involvement and relationship to this United Way is unique. During the 2020-2021 campaign we wanted to share the stories of people who have a connection to United Way CKL. Visit our YouTube page to find Ambassador videos.

“We’re a very rural community we don’t always have access to things that you might do in a larger city, but I think what the United Way does and helps all of their organizations that they fund to do is give resources to people in rural areas so that they can live their fullest and happiest life and I think that bringing together all those different components within a community makes life better for absolutely everybody so it’s a win-win.”

-Sarah Quick, Artistic Director of Globus Theatre

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“When you see how much work and impact the team at United Way for the City of Kawartha Lakes does year in and year out it really feels good to help out in a small way. Realizing that every contribution of time of service, food, money really helps. It is also realizing the amount of agencies, communities and people that the United Way for the City of Kawartha Lakes assists ongoing.”
-Paul Murphy, General Manager of Crayola

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“The thing I admire about the United Way for the City of Kawartha Lakes is how much they do with really such a small but mighty team. Their impact reverberates throughout this community and Halliburton; the team does it with such grace and energy. They make a small number of resources spread and spread and spread and cause ripples that we can’t even guess how far they go.”
-Teresa Jordan, Executive Director of Community Living Trent Highlands

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Workplace Campaigns

Running a workplace campaign has several benefits. It is a great way to team up and make long-lasting impact for our families, neighbours and co-workers.

Email our Community Investment Coordinator for details and help to run a successful campaign. We are pleased to bring tools to you, provide guest speakers and share ideas.

Here is everything you need.

Thank you to the Following Workplaces That Have Contributed2021-10-28T15:14:08-04:00

Thank you to the following Workplaces that have contributed to the United Way through payroll deduction:

  • Fleming College 
  • PVNCCDSB Board 
  • St. John Paul II 
  • St. Dominic Elementary 
  • St. Lukes Elementary 
  • St. Mary’s Elementary 
  • St. Thomas Aquinas SS 
  • Alexandra PS 
  • King Albert PS 
  • LCVI 
  • St. Anne CES 
  • St. Peter CES 
  • St. Mary CSS 
  • TLDSB Board 
  • Ross Memorial Hospital 
  • HKPR Health Unit 
  • CKL Family Health Team 
  • Crayola Canada 
  • Wilson & Wilson 
  • Home Building Centre 
  • Nexicom 
  • Home Hardware 
  • Hydro One 
  • Farm Credit Canada 
  • CMHA 
  • Community Living 
  • John Howard Society 
  • Ontario Early Years 
  • VCCS 
  • Five Counties Children’s Centre 
  • RBC Financial Group 
  • BMO Financial Group 
  • CIBC 
  • TD Bank 
  • TD Canada Trust 
  • Scotiabank 
  • City of Kawartha Lakes 
  • The Beer Store 
  • LCBO Lindsay 
  • LCBO Bobcaygeon 
  • LCBO Omemee 
  • LCBO Fenelon Falls 
  • LCBO Kinmount 
  • LCBO Coboconk 
  • LCBO Pontypool 
  • LCBO Kirkfield 
  • LCBO Minden 
  • LCBO Haliburton 
  • LCBO Wilberforce  
  • LCBO Gooderham 
  • Province of Ontario 
  • Government of Canada 
  • Ontario Power Generation 
  • Canada Post 
  • GE Canada 
  • Shell Canada 
  • Fairstone Financial 
  • Union Gas 
  • Children’s Service Council 
  • Intact Financial Corp. 
  • ITW Construction Products 
  • Bell Technical Solutions Inc. 
  • Sun Life Financial 
  • IG Wealth Management 
  • Sentinal Risk Insurance Group Limited 
  • WSP Canada 
  • Enbridge Central Region 
  • Central East Correction Centre 
  • OPP – CKL Detachment 
What difference can my money make?2019-01-17T12:02:18-05:00
  • $1 per week can provide a person in crisis with 2 hours of intervention – this can mean helping give an individual direction, listening to them in their time of need, or providing counselling through the John Howard Society.
  • $1 per week helps to cover the cost of providing regular oral checkups for a local youth at the Community Care Community Dental Clinic.
  • $2 dollars per week provides worker consultations to assist families with support needed to navigate the Education System through Community Living Trent Highlands.
  • $5 per week would assist an individual to ensure they had funds for food for the entire month through the Canadian Mental Health Association.
  • $8 per week brings our toys, equipment, fun activities and staff to the doors of children living at a social housing complex in Lindsay, to provide early learning opportunities for them and parent support for their caregivers, through EarlyON.
  • $10 per week will provide an In-School Mentor to a child in one of the local elementary schools. This mentor will visit the child once a week throughout the school year and provide various activities outside of the classroom setting, such as baking, sports, arts and crafts, reading or just talking about life. Children will experience an improved self-esteem and confidence from these friendships and have a better outlook on their education, through Big Brothers Big Sisters.
  • $35 per week assists in the purchase of an Automated External Defibrillator, through St. John Ambulance.
Benefits of Payroll Deduction2019-09-23T15:43:36-04:00
  • Your donation appears on your T4 slip, so you don’t have to keep track of a receipt, or multiple receipts if you consolidate your giving through payroll deduction
  • Helps the United Way CKL to keep their administration costs low
  • Allows donors to spread their gift over the entire year
  • Many people find they are able to increase their annual gift by setting a small amount aside each pay period or month
  • Donors working outside CKL may designate back to this community
  • Gives donors the option of making a lump sum donation or regular contributions
  • You can change the amount of your donation at any time by contacting your payroll office

For a sheet on the benefits of workplace donations, click here to download.

For the donation form, click here: UWCKL_ Workplace Campaign Fillable Donation Form

Thank you to the following Workplaces that have contributed to the United Way through payroll deduction:

Workplace Profiles


How does your workplace support United Way CKL?

For over 20 years, VCCS Employment Services has been a supporter of the United Way. 100% of our staff contribute to the United Way through weekly payroll deductions. In addition, our agency forms an annual United Way committee that organizes various fundraisers throughout the year. We also hold our annual silent auction in partnership with employers throughout the community who donate items for auction to raise funds.  Over the years many of our staff have made it a tradition to volunteer or participate in fundraising events held by other United Way agencies including the Crayola Sale, Big Brothers & Sisters Bowling for Kids and the Sign Painting workshop held by the John Howard Society to name a few.


Why do you support the United Way CKL?

As an organization that supports people to find employment, we work very closely with other community programs and services to ensure that our clients can access the additional support they need. Many of our community partners also receive support from the United Way. We see first-hand the positive impact that accessible day care, children & youth programs, counselling, mentorship, housing, food and health programs have on our clients. Through the United Way, community networks become stronger, individuals and families are supported, and individuals can take next steps towards achieving their employment goals.


What would you say to inspire other workplaces to support United Way CKL?

As an employer and a supporter of the United Way, we as a collective staff team are committed to giving back to the community in which we work and live. We share in the   success of our clients, when they feel supported in their own community. It is of great value to be a part of a strong network of organizations that help build community and lives. Through our various fundraising efforts, we have enjoyed the social and recreational activities that have fostered teamwork and relationships among our staff. Having fun and working towards a great cause brings us closer together.




Q: How does your workplace support United Way CKL?
A: Smitty’s has hosted the Campaign Kick Off Breakfast for the past 6 if not 7 years and each year a little stronger. I also know that many of my staff and myself give to the United Way throughout the year through fundraisers and other efforts.

Q: Why do you support the United Way CKL?
A: The United Way is my personal choice of charities due to the broad spectrum of organizations they help fund which in turn helps many in the immediate community, they are local and widespread at the same time.

Q: What would you say to inspire other workplaces to support United Way CKL?
A: If I had to sum it up in a few words to convince other companies, Charity Starts at Home, your community is home. United Way helps your community.

Shelly Hardaker, Owner Smitty’s Lindsay


Q: How does your workplace support United Way CKL?

A: We conduct an annual workplace campaign and hold several ad-hoc fundraising activities throughout the year. Our primary fundraising comes from the annual sale. Preparing for this event is a complete team effort including all departments in some way shape or form. Warehouse employees separate product all year long, pricing happens up to one month prior to the sale in our warehouse as well as onsite the week before the event, gift baskets are created for the yearly raffle, food is ordered in for volunteers at the fairground both on event day and in days leading up to the event, products are sometimes packaged into specialized products just for the event, lots of IT set up at the fairgrounds insuring a smooth check out. Each team has a role to play to make sure the event is successful.

We have also entered into a partnership with UWCKL and Fleming College to make use of vacant land for developing a community garden.

Q: Why do you support the United Way CKL?

A: We look at it as 30 years of helping children in the community. The United Way offers support to such a wide variety of people in a wide variety of ways, especially the most vulnerable within our community. Our employees feel that it is good to be able to contribute towards that. For some employees, volunteering and supporting the United Way goes a long way back in in their family, so it is in their blood to continue the tradition. It is in our employees to want to help. Over the years, we have established such a meaningful partnership with the UWCKL. Our employees love to work at the sale. It goes to a good cause and we like to see all the people going nuts over Crayola!! Last year, we surpassed $1,000,000.00 in cumulative donations – a great source of pride for our company.



Q: What would you say to inspire other workplaces to support United Way CKL?

A: Consider that the money goes to many great causes within our community. The UWCKL is very visible in the community providing resources to meet the needs of the most vulnerable. You can see first-hand the dedication and effort used to utilize the funds effectively and to promote all of the programs they are involved in. Working with them creates a meaningful sense of purpose relative to supporting the community in which we operate.

Peterborough Victoria Northumberland and Clarington2019-01-22T13:47:12-05:00

Q: How does your workplace support United Way CKL?

A: Peterborough Victoria Northumberland and Clarington (PVNC) Catholic District School Board is proud to support United Way CKL fundraising at St. John Paul II, St. Dominic, St. Mary and St. Luke Catholic elementary schools and St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School. Our staff organize special fundraisers at the schools and give generously through payroll deductions. Our Director of Education Michael Nasello also raffles himself off each year as an incentive for United Way fundraising, giving a lucky PVNC employee a day off while he does their job for the day.

Q: Why do you support the United Way CKL?

A: As a learning organization committed to the key principles of Catholic Social Teaching and to moving our faith into action, we are proud to support four United Way campaigns in our jurisdiction including United Way CKL. We know that some of our students and their families rely on the many services supported by the United Way. Our educators and support staff care deeply about the wellbeing of our students, both in school and out, so many find it a source of pride to contribute to the United Way.


Q: What would you say to inspire other workplaces to support United Way CKL?

A: At PVNC, the annual United Way campaign is an opportunity to reflect on the challenges in our communities that can be barriers to student success and well-being. The campaign provides an opportunity for staff to make a meaningful contribution. As an organization, the campaign offers a great opportunity for team-building as school communities and staff at the Board office rally together for a common cause.


Individuals and Families

Leaving a Legacy



When you volunteer with the United Way, everyone wins

Are you interested in volunteering with United Way? Fill out this form and submit it to our office so we can connect you to a task that fits your interests. For more information on some of our most common volunteering opportunities, keep reading.

Join our Gardening Team2021-11-01T14:44:56-04:00

United Way for the City of Kawartha Lakes has over 100 community garden plots throughout the City of Kawartha Lakes that need tending throughout the summer months. Edwin Binney’s Community Garden  project will also need:

  • Building
  • Planting
  • Tending
  • Harvesting
  • Organizing
  • Distributing

Are you interested? Let us know by filling out this form.

Join our Citizen Review Panel2019-01-21T17:30:12-05:00

The Citizen Review Panel process involves the recruitment of local citizens to aid the United Way in the review and allocations of funds to funded agencies. The process involves reviewing agency programs, services, and financial requirements. This review includes site visits, programs and services, and submitted documentation. Citizen Review Panels bring forward their recommendations to the United Way Community Investment Team and Board of Directors.

Panel Members are asked to:

  • Review and become familiar with the documentation provided for the process
  • Represent the United Way
  • Review grant applications
  • Participate in the agency visit(s) – usually 2 agencies with key agency personnel
  • Provide input and work with fellow panel members in preparing the Recommendation Report to the Community Investment Team and the United Board of Directors
  • Complete the CRP Evaluation Questionnaire

Estimated Time Commitment = 12 hours

Panel Leaders are asked to:

  • Review all documentation that is provided for the process with their team prior to site visits
  • Facilitate the schedule with input from panel members and agency representatives for panel meetings and site visit(s) with agencies and organizations
  • Be responsible for conducting the site visit(s) –usually 2 agencies, with key agency personnel
  • Prepare CRP team reports with input from team members, submit with signatures to the United Way office
  • Present team recommendations to the Community Investment Team and UW Board of Directors
  • Complete the CRP Evaluation Questionnaire

Estimated Time Commitment = 20 hours

Are you interested? Contact our Community Investment Coordinator for more information.

Join our Board of Directors2019-01-21T17:32:06-05:00

Volunteers make our community stronger by sharing their skills, expertise and time. Our volunteers unite to pool their talent, sharing their expertise to help bring critical programs to 1 in 3 citizens. The United Way for the City of Kawartha Lakes is preparing for an exciting year and invites you to consider how you can help change lives. Volunteering provides an opportunity to learn new skills, create networks and to feel great about your efforts!

The United Way for the City of Kawartha Lakes has several opportunities to match your talent, time and energy to teams: community gardens, office, special events and fundraising. The United Way is currently seeking citizens from across the City of Kawartha Lakes for its Board of Directors. This is a volunteer board that works as a team to identify key community priorities. The United Way’s board members play a pivotal role ensuring high priority strategies are in place to help improve lives in the City of Kawartha Lakes.

Are you interested? Contact our Executive Director for more information.

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