20150611_125100United Way Community Garden

As the 2016 growing season is finally here, we have some very exciting news in regards to our ongoing community gardens project, The Cultivators.

One of our main goals of The Cultivators is to foster an Intergenerational mentorship program in Kawartha Lakes. We have hired a dedicated team alongside some great volunteers! United Way will lead interactive workshops with agencies (Big Brothers Big Sisters, Ontario Early Years Centre and Community Living) and community members. These educational interactions will focus on topics such as cooking, nutrition literacy and food security. This mentorship program offers an additional sense of purpose for seniors as they will interact, pass on life skills and make new friends.

Do you want to Support this Campaign?

Did you know?

You can sponsor the current and growing project of Community Gardens, here’s how:

Sprouts – $25

  • Provides seeds for 5 gardens

Shoots – $50

  • Provides Seeds for 5 gardens
  • Tomato cage for 5 gardens
  • Stakes (markers) for 5 gardens

Seedling – $100

  • Kneeler
  • Garden hose
  • (5) Tomato cage

Grower – $250

  • Rain barrel
  • Trellis kit to collect rain

Cultivator – $500

  • Wheel barrel
  • Pitch fork
  • Shovel
  • Hoe
  • Hand Garden tools (5)

Harvester – $1000

  • Straw
  • Potato bag
  • Bench
  • Shears
  • Baskets
  • Seeds
  • Gazebo

Look for the donate now button on the left side of our website, it will take you to CanadaHelps.  You can donate any amount you like, or choose a campaign, and donate to the fund you want to support.  And thank you!



New Garden at Durham & Duke

We are proud to announce the creation of our new garden site at the corner of Durham and Duke, which features 24 raised beds, composter and rainwater harvesting barrels. This is an amazing location as it will surely catch the attention of anyone passing by, building curiosity and excitement amongst members of the community.

The Cultivators project is only just beginning. We have major plans to strengthen current relationships and to establish new partnerships within Kawartha Lakes. Stay tuned as this project continues to “grow!”



Garden Tales

The Ontario Early Years Centre offers Canada Prenatal Nutrition Programs and Community Action Programs for Children, which includes prenatal and postnatal parents, young parents, and fathers. These programs help families access, cook, and eat nutritious food, and families are also linked with other needed resources. Community Garden Plots are a wonderful way for families to access food straight from the garden-their own mini-farms!

Thank you Roger Hill, of Hill’s Florist and Greenhouses for donating vegetable plants and providing a garden lesson to OEYC program participants.

BS Plots

OEYC Approved