Funded Agencies

Funded Agencies and Programs


117 Kent St. W., Box 761, Lindsay, ON K9V 4W9

T: (705) 324-6800     E:

Big Brothers & Big Sisters of Kawartha Lakes-Haliburton promotes and monitors long-term supportive friendships for children that will benefit from quality relationships with caring adults.

Funded Programs: Core funding of Traditional One-to-One Match, In-school Mentoring, Big Bunch, Kids N’ Kops, Co-op In School Mentoring, Strong from the Start Pre-Match Training.

Total Programs Impacted: 6

United Way 2018 funding:  $28,178 plus $9,266.67 in designations from LCBO At the Till Campaign for Haliburton-based programs.


CMHA - 2014

33 Lindsay St. S. Second Floor Unit C, Lindsay, ON K9V 2C5

T: (705) 328-2704     E:

The Canadian Mental Health Association, Kawartha Lakes Branch works with individuals, families and community partners in providing services to promote and enhance the mental health and wellness of those living within the communities we serve.

Funded Programs: Voluntary Trusteeship program

Total Programs Impacted:  1

United Way 2018 funding:  $15,000



32 Cambridge St. S., Lindsay, ON K9V 3B8

T: (705) 324-7323    E:                                                          Dental ClinicT: (705) 879-4100 option 2  E:          

Community Care City of Kawartha Lakes is a leader in the collaborative design and delivery of integrated and responsive health and support services that respect individual choice, dignity and independence.

Funded Programs: Low Income Dental

Total Programs Impacted:  1

United Way 2018 funding:  $18,000.00 plus $1,000 designation to Hospice 


Community Living Trent Highlands   205 McLaughlin Rd., Suite 200, Lindsay, ON K9V 0K7
T: (705) 328-0464     E:


Community Living Trent Highlands empowers people with developmental challenges, with their families, to achieve their unique personal goals. Community Living Kawartha Lakes leads in fostering healthy inclusive communities.

Funded Programs: Open the Door to Employment

Total Programs Impacted:  1

United Way 2018 funding:  $5,000


31 Peel St., Lindsay, ON K9V 3L9
T: (705) 328-0472     E:


The John Howard Society believes that crime can be reduced through social and educational programs and the active involvement of an informed community.

Funded Programs: Core—Wrap Around Funding, Youth Self Management Program – Strategies, Options, Solutions “SOS” (prevention & intervention), Self-Management Adult Program (SMA)

Total Programs Impacted:  3

United Way 2018 funding:  $28,178


Ontario Early Years Centre. 55 Mary St. W., Suite 106, Lindsay, ON K9V 5Z6
T: (705) 324-7900     E:


The Ontario Early Years Centre Haliburton Victoria Brock promotes, supports and enables healthy development of children and families providing accessible, responsive and educational programs and services for children.

Funded Programs: Fathering Program, Queen Victoria Public School Summer Outreach Program, Fit Kids Programming in City of Kawartha Lakes and Haliburton 

Total Programs Impacted:  3

United Way 2018 funding:  $10,000 plus $9,266.67 in designations from LCBO At the Till Campaign for Haliburton-based programs.


Victoria Park Armoury
210 Kent St. W., P.O. Box 854, Lindsay, ON K9V 5N3
T: (705) 324-9894     E:

St. John Ambulance enables Canadians to improve their health, safety and quality of life by providing training and community service.

Funded Programs: Therapy Dogs, Advanced Medical First Responders

Total Programs Impacted:  2

United Way 2018 funding:  $5,000 



370 Kent St. W., Lindsay, ON K9V 6G8
T: (705) 328-0180     E:

VCCS Employment Services develops and delivers employment programs and related services to residents in the City of Kawartha Lakes and surrounding areas.

Funded Programs: 211

Total Programs Impacted:  1

United Way 2018 funding: $3,465


Note: Funding listed above does not include donor designations to other agencies, United Way Special Projects or United Way Community Development Projects. 


  • Mona Hall Telecare Legacy Fund: John Howard Society $5,000
  • United Way Community Gardens: $33,600
  • Point in Time – Food For Kids Program (Haliburton):  $9,266.67 from LCBO At the Till Campaign, Haliburton stores
  • King Albert Summer Hub and Brown Bag Program: $5,000
  • $5,000 in designations to other agencies